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1300 BikiniOur mobile point-of-sale (MPOS) solutions extend existing POS functionality and new customer service programs to sales associates inside and outside the four walls. With its integrated barcode scanner, thermal printer and magnetic stripe reader, our all-in-one device is the ideal tool for validating pricing, processing payments, and printing labels and receipts.

Deployment of a successful mobile customer service or MPOS application for your business requires a close understanding of your operations, infrastructure, and unique business needs. Our all-in-one device is equipped with flexible printing, barcode scanning, card reader, and communications options that make it adaptable to many types of deployments; GSM and WiFi enable you to service customers anywhere on or off-property, while serial, Bluetooth and USB make it connectable to other legacy systems and devices.

Base Model List Price:  $1,700 (WINCE5.0)

Route Sales and Service. Print labels and receipts, collect payments, capture signatures, and submit call reports from the field. Use the embedded GPS option to tracks routes and get directions.

Mass Transit. Enable ticket sales and ticket validation anywhere, inside the terminal and while onboard.
Video - Korean Transit System

Hospitality. Enable check-in, settlements, baggage check (print labels) and baggage claim (scan labels).
Remote Sales Events. Scan items and collect card payments at tent sales and other off-site events.
Retail Queue/Line Busting. Scan items and collect card payments from anywhere on the floor, capitalize on impulse shopping, reduce customer abandonment, and handle peak selling times more effectively.
Video - Hyundai Department Stores
Restaurant. Collect food orders and payments from patrons waiting in line or to pay at the table.
Price Validation. Scan barcodes, print new shelf tags, perform cross-sales and product look-ups, and check inventory availabilities in real-time.
Law Enforcement. Scan the 2D barcode available on drivers' licenses, take photos, and print citations.
Parking Attendants. Accept card payments from anywhere on the lot and print window stickers.
Golf Courses and Resorts. Reserve tee times and accept card payments from anywhere on the property.
Entertainment Venues. Ideal for concessioneers, novelty vendors, and concourse sales.
Airline/Inflight Sales. Scan items, track inventory, and perform credit card batch processing.


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