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Loyalty & Gift Card Programs

Loyalty and gift card programs are evolving rapidly as a source for new revenue, brand awareness, and merchandising data. The bright, full-color screen on our Micro Kiosk makes it ideal for advertising and customer surveys, in addition to branded loyalty, gift, and prepaid card programs.

Flexible communication options (GSM cellular, WLAN and Ethernet) enable high-speed connection to your infrastructure from virtually anywhere. Now you can extend your loyalty and CRM programs in ways you may not have considered before.

Perfect for accepting loyalty cards, processing payments, and enabling access to gift registries at remote events, tent sales, theme parks, and stadiums. What's more, the printer can print more than just receipts - it prints labels and stickers too!

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Revitalize Your Loyalty Program
By updating your loyalty programs, you could be increasing sales.

The Steadfast Gift Card
Between the retailers' imagination and the advancements of POS technology, merchandising and branding progressed with gift card offerings.

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